brazilian samba dance classes london

Samba, Brazilian afro, Regatton Dance Classes London

ladies dance workout classes londonExercise is a must in everyone life!
I have been teaching this crazy workout for years…. What is all the fuss about?
_Hard core Exercise
_Great music( samba, brazilian-afro, regatton)
-Cardio and much more…
At the end of this class you feel completely energise and full of positive energy! Its not just a class , its a great spiritual positive scape!
Join me this evening at Danceworks at 7pm…
Let’s samba in a crazy way…. Sometimes to be sane, you have to do crazy things… Great definition for this class….



brazilian dance classes london

Brazilian Zouk Ladies Styling Dance Course

Thinking Through….About life…
What makes you exciting about life?
What ever is , live , do it, don’t regret it….
Teaching is a great skills to have, and i feel blessed to be able to do it with so much love…..
Its a countdown ,….2 more days …
Let’s do it….. Cant wait….In the meantime has a little taste what to be learn….
Ladies styling 6 weeks bootcamp… start in 2 days…..
7th April, at 7;30 to 9pm….
At Thanet Youth Community Center!

Zouk Fest – 3rd Year

Zouk Lambada UK and Mambo City are happy to present: The 3rd International Zouk Fest taking place at the Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow.

  • A weekend of Lambada, Zouk, Kizomba & Salsa Featuring International & UK Instructors.
  • Dance Workshops catering for all level; over 48 hours of workshops to choose from, 4 classes running at any pone time.
  • Party the night away in 2 party rooms, playing Zouk Lambada and other Latin rhythms.

For more info visit: